Want to improve your weight, energy, and heart health?

Get a step-by-step system to balance your cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, blood sugar, and much more!

How Would Your Life Change If You Could…

  • Lose weight in a fun, easy, and sustainable way

  • Trim your waistline

  • Know exactly what to do in order to prevent and reverse heart disease

  • Reduce or eliminate the use of prescription drugs

  • 'Go out' feeling completely in control around food

  • Feel comfortable (dare I say confident!) in your clothes

  • Enjoy your favorite activities with FULL energy & stamina

  • Live a long and healthy life for your kids, grandkids, and future generations.

Introducing... Healthy Heart Blueprint!

Co-created with Dr. Steven Masley, MD and Health Coach Institute

What's included?

  • Online Course + Bonuses

    A 12-week highly detailed and step-by-step video training program that holds your hand through the process from 'meh' to feeling like your dream self again, and beyond.

  • Weekly Access to Nutritionist

    You will receive twelve (12) weekly check-ins where you will receive expert support to questions you may have regarding your program materials. (Weekly check-ins will be held via email for 12 consecutive weeks throughout the duration of the 90 day program).

  • Lifetime Access

    You’ll have access to the online course and all bonuses for the lifetime of the program - we won’t kick you out after 90 days.

  • On-Demand 12 Week Course

  • Unlimited Course Access

  • Progress Assessments

  • Bonuses

  • Weekly check-ins with Nutritionist (me!)

Healthy Heart Blueprint 4-Step System

In just 12 weeks, we'll help you tune up your heart, energy, waistline, and sex life! Here's how...

  • Eat the Right Foods

  • Movement

  • Nutrients

  • Stress

Bonus Material

  • Bonus 1

    2 Sample Meal Plans & 70+ Recipes ($47 value)

  • Bonus 2

    On-the-Go Cheat Sheet Library ($97 value)

  • Bonus 3

    Dr. Steven Masley's Heart Health Bonus Guides ($147 value)



Justine Clark

Hi, I'm JUSTINE! I'm the founder of Healthy Heart Blueprint. Since 2011, I've worked for 4 well-known health companies, including lead trainer. In 2014, I experienced my own health complications, which ultimately lead me to what I do today. My accredited certifications: Group fitness instructor, Health Coach, Life Coach, and Functional Nutritionist. On top of that, I've successfully helped hundreds of students achieve sustainable health through my programs and teachings. It's all yours if you want it.

This is for you if...

  • You really want to feel better, but you're struggling to start or stay on track.

  • You want to reduce or eliminate the use of prescription drugs.

  • You want to feel comfortable in your clothes and love who you see in the mirror.

  • You want to be laser-focused and show up knowing exactly what to do every single day to look and feel your best.

  • You're prepared to do whatever it takes. That means embracing the inevitable difficulties, adopting a winner's mindset and learning from every setback... and most importantly -- taking MASSIVE, imperfect action to reach your goals without making excuses or complaining.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a quick fix

  • You are vegan or vegetarian

  • You are not willing to develop your emotional intelligence & mindset to overcome your plateaus & mental blocks

What others are saying...

Watch Intro Video


"I lost 6 lbs AND I'm so much happier!"

Watch Intro Video


"I don't binge on the weekends anymore!"

Watch Intro Video


"I have tried everything and this actually worked!"

Watch Intro Video


"Justine helped me stop binge eating!"

More testimonials


"My cycle regulated after almost TWO YEARS of being off! I have almost no symptoms when I am on my period. No bloating or fatigue."


"I'm down 15lbs, nearly 3 blood pressure brackets, one pant size, four bra band sizes, and feeling a million times better!"


"I lost 12lbs. I went from an at-risk diabetic to almost normal!"


"I lost 12 inches off my body!"


"I lost 7lbs and 6 inches off my midsection!"


"I significantly reduced my belly bloat and have way more energy!"


"I have NO GI issues! No heartburn, gas, or bloat! Cravings are much better too!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is HHB different than other courses on the market?

    Lurrrvvee this one. Lemme ask you this..... What other programs do you know of that: 1) Have the amount of dramatic success stories & case studies of regular people going from frustrated to confident REAL QUICK? Since I created HHB, I have over 100 screenshots of students' winning moments - tuning up their heart, energy, and waistline. 2) Follow a proven system and structure with ultra-specific milestones for every week? At no point will you guess what to do next - you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to tune up your heart, energy, waistline, and sex life. ~ HHB is special, because we worked our booties off to create this kind of transformation. If you need a clear, proven path from frustrated to "I FEEL GOOD DA NA NA NA NA NA NA", it doesn’t get clearer than this.

  • How much help will I get? What if I get stuck?

    We won’t let it happen! For starters, HHB is 100% results-driven and structured in a way that gives you super-specific milestones to hit every week. You’ll always know what you need to be working on to heal - no guesswork necessary! Inside HHB, we’ll help you smash through every barrier and conquer every plateau in your way - pinky swear. :) And the best part is, you get LIFETIME access to all our content.

  • How much time does HHB take?

    Ideally, we want you to dedicate around 30-60 minutes per week for course material for 12 weeks to mastering your health journey. HHB is a distillation of absolutely everything we know about heart health that really WORKS. It teaches you the most effective lessons, hard-won through years of learning, experimenting, failing, adjusting, trying again, and succeeding - over and over. It’s a proven 80/20 blueprint, so you don’t need to treat it as another full-time job… but the more time and effort you put in, the faster you’ll see results! If you want to be one of our biggest success stories, bring your A game. :)

  • Will this work for me?

    HHB has helped teachers, nurses, social workers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, SAHMs - basically, 50 shades of people - to tune up their heart, energy, waistline, and sex life. We can help you, too. The only reason (that I can think of) HHB might not work for you is if.. you throw in the towel. Let's be honest here... self-sabotage WILL try to sneak its way in. For this reason I have dedicated an entire module to helping you overcome self sabotage FOR GOOD. When you feel like giving up, you will revisit that part of the program, connect with your nutritionist (Justine), and tell self sabotage where to shove it! :) No matter what, our program has your back. I gotchu.

  • How long do I have access to HHB materials?

    You will have LIFETIME access to all HHB materials, including all lessons, templates, guides, etc. Pretty sweet, right!?

  • Once I enroll, how does the program work?

    1) Start Date/Course Materials: You will receive immediate access upon enrollment. 2) Access to Nutritionist Once you enroll, watch out for your welcome email! We are ready to help you get started. Weekly check-ins will be held via email for 12 consecutive weeks throughout the duration of the 90 day program.

  • Are the recommended foods easily accessible?

    Yes! All of the recommended foods are easily accessible. We keep it simple inside Healthy Heart Blueprint. :)

  • Is this a keto plan?

    This is NOT a keto plan. We don't follow any certain "diet" because, in my experience, mainstream diets don't last. Instead, we establish a strong baseline through simple, implementable nutrition and lifestyle changes, ones you can do and KEEP long term.

  • What equipment will I need?

    The only thing you'll need is a pedometer or fitness tracker - something to track your steps. If you would prefer to use an app on your phone, Justine will recommend a free resource for this when you get started.